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MAXXI, ROME by Zaha Hadid

22 Apr 2013 / 1 Comment / in Architecture, Photography

I honestly think this is Zaha’s best project. It sits in a difficult site where there are a volume in open area connected to a small area crowded area around the corner. There’s lots of interesting public space and the space flow from one room to another. I often find myself anticipating what level I will end up when I walk down a tunnel.

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Negozio Olivetti – Olivetti Showroom by Carlo Scarpa

18 Apr 2013 / 0 Comments / in Architecture, Photography

Probably one of the smallest yet elegant museum I’ve ever Visited

From Wiki Italia :

“The Olivetti Showroom in Venice is a small room with two floors located in Piazza San Marco , designed by the architect Carlo Scarpa . After losing its original function for years, on 20 April 2011 the store was reopened after a thorough philological restoration that has returned the colors, the furniture and the collection of original Olivetti machines. The Assicurazioni Generali , which maintain the property, have entrusted to FAI – Italian Environment Fund , which takes care of the maintenance and ensures its use to the public.

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Midnight in Manhattan

A small compilation depicting the nostalgic rhythm of a city that never sleeps. These were some of the clips shot between Feb 20 and March 20. This is my tribute to NYC that fueled my obsession throughout much of my highschool and college years.
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Mardi Gras, New Orleans 2013

25 Feb 2013 / 2 Comments / in People, Photography, Portraiture

Mardi Gras is crazy. I’ve seen things I would prefer I didn’t…. I recommend everyone to go at least one….. but I prefer not to show that through these photos 🙂

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1111 Lincoln Road, Miami by Herzog & de Meuron

24 Feb 2013 / 0 Comments / in Architecture, Photography

At first I didn’t think this was anything special, my was I wrong. Its absolutely the most gorgeous parking structure I’ve ever seen. It’s probably the most unique building in Miami. On top of being a garage, its also a private residence with a roof garden, a high end clothing store and numerous shops on the ground floor.   I’ll let the picture say the rest.

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Boston After Superstorm Nemo

09 Feb 2013 / 0 Comments / in Photography, Pix a Day

Boston after Nemo found it…..Words cannot describe it. But pictures will tell you a lot.


New Haven Architecture

12 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in Architecture, Photography

I planned a class trip to New Haven to see some of the more well know architecture.

Attached are:

David S. Ingalis Hockey Rink

Ezra Stiles College

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

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Travis + Jenn @ Arboretum

Awesome classmates of mine. Their first meeting was an amazing story to hear. Apparently they met on a plane going to run the same marathon. 🙂

Few years later here they are.

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08 Oct 2012 / 0 Comments / in Architecture

Joint (I think ) is an installation that was done by MIT architecture students during the summer. It uses the latest software and fabrication techniques. Just when you can’t think of new ways to use tradition wood joints for contemporary architectural forms there’s joint. Interesting how it has aged over the last 2 months.

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Boston Portraiture for Maria

04 Oct 2012 / 0 Comments / in Portraiture

Portraits around Boston, Beacon Hill and North End for Maira