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2009 MIT 22

17 Sep 2009 / 0 Comments / in Photography, Portraiture

Class of 2013 First semester at MIT Lineup . I wanted to take a class photo so I asked everyone in my class to participate, I also used this opportunity to learn more about them as this is the first time I met them .

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Cathedral of Christ the Light

30 Sep 2008 / 0 Comments / in Architecture, Photography

Located in the intersection of Harrison and west Grand, Oakland California, Cathedral of Christ the Light (CCL) is the seat of the Bishop of Oakland. Since my company work across the street from it, We were given a tour of the cathedral before it was opened to the public. It was completely brand new with people still install the interior water elements while we were visiting. Do I have to mention all the great design work SOM has put into this? Its pretty self explanatory when you see the photos. While taking exterior shots of this place. I got stopped by the FBI…… Apparently they work in one of the buildings that was in my composition. I was approached by 2 FBI agents that went through all my photos. So note this: FBI wallets are long and their badges are not shiny. Now you know.

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