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Day on a Beach – Parking Day 2014

20 Sep 2014 / 0 Comments / in Architecture, Design, TimeLapse

Inspired by the vibrant city and its closeness to nature, Day on a Beach takes on the form of sand dunes that are carved away by the pacific wind.

Cloud City

San Francisco is gorgeous, but it is even more gorgeous with low fog during Sunrise

Stata In Light

24 May 2012 / 0 Comments / in Pix a Day, TimeLapse, Video

Stata in Light is part of Series called ‘Image of Architecture: Finding Transience’


Image of MIT is that of a place where research exceeds all other schools. Therefore, it is associated as a place where students are primary in labs and that research dominates student life. The campus and its architecture, often overshadowed by the research, are assumed “Lifeless.”

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2012-01-13 Long Exposure Speed Photography

I’ve been obsessing this for a while now and finally I got a chance to try it out. So I’ve always wanted to create something that looked unrealistic that had a sense of speed in it. The shoot involved mounting a tripod to my Mazda MX 5 and shooting a bunch of pictures while driving to and in San Francisco.

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Tokyo Timelapse

28 Aug 2011 / in TimeLapse, Video

I recently spent a little under 3 months in Tokyo (May 31 to Aug 16th) working at an Architectural Office in Tokyo.

After the Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, there was much fear of radiation. Many Westerners and media believe Japan was in a state of crisis.

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