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2012-01-24 IR UC Berkeley / Life

25 Jan 2012 / 0 Comments / in Infra Red, Photography, Pix a Day

I went to UC Berkeley to day to use Wurster Library so I can do some research and brainstorm possible Thesis Topics. Its proving harder than usual. I’ve recently been conflicted with doubts of continuing Architecture as a profession. I guess its because I’ve always question my ability to create. My friends have always told me I had a good approach toward composition, lighting, and problem solving. However, I’ve been finding that to design, one must spend weeks if not months to research wat is the that we are designing. In other words, what’s the issue. I like to design things under the order of : ISSUE, POSITION, and MANIFESTATION. I’ve been doing this since I entered Grad school. But I understand that in the contemporary architectural practice, there’s never enough time do do this and clients want it faster and faster. After practicing for a few years and I realized many practicing architects of today are often forced (forced as in limited time and budget) to design without actually figuring out what is it they are trying to solve. Everything comes to aesthetics, and that my friend is a matter of opinion. The ones that do the research usually are the best architects in the world, but they are pinned to 18 hr work days, many unpaid interns (slaves), and often have a questionable marriage because of the amount of time they spend at work……….. (some of you know what im talking about). If not, the movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler. Exaggerated, but not too far from the truth.   I’m not sure I can be or work like that…….

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