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17 Jul 2012 / 0 Comments / in

Village for Vitality
Jinan, China

Summer 2012 Collab. Workshop w/ Qinhua Univ.
Instructors: Dennis Frenchman
Jan Wampler
Design Type: Mixuse Urban Residential Community
Team: Alexis Howland, Chia Yang Weng, Ian Caine, Liu Cheng, Yu Tao.

Village for Vitality (V V) is dedicated to increasing the compatibility of West Jinan with the natural environment by providing sustainable development strategies to link individuals , groups. and community-based ecological activities. V V is a project of the MIT-Tsinghua Joint Urban Design Studio that promotes the concept of energy efficiency and emphasizes sustainability with smart urban growth. The goal of our project is to improve the quality of the air; lower the use of non-renewable resources; encourage the building of green homes, offices, and other structures; reserve more u ser friendly green space, support environmentally-friendly methods of transportation (electric vehicle and bicycle sharing program); and offer recycling programs. V V embraces livable-city principles and design strategies that enhance the health and well-being of citizens in urban environments.


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