2012-01-27 San Francisco
2012-01-28 San Francisco-238
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2012-01-27 San Francisco
2012-01-27 San Francisco
2012-01-27 San Francisco
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Response to a Deviantart Friend…

08 Feb 2012 / 0 Comments / in Pix a Day

rettuc said the following:

Geezz where do u live there is nothin around my house worth taking pics of


I live in Boston.

The whole idea is to try to take something not so interesting and present it in a new light. In doing so, you not only get to express it artisticly in your own light but show things that only you can see. Because anyone can travel and get good photos. You just want to present it in the best way you can through your own experience, and your technical knowledge of photography.

look up some of these photographers. You may get some inspirations

Ansel Adams
Steve Mc Curry
Dorothea Lange

Chase Jarvis <contemporary>

Technical knowledge will develop, Light room and Photoshop, you can learn from online, but the heart and soul of a photo comes from you…… I got my first camera when I was 16.   I am now 27.  I’ve had 11 years to develop it.  There’s a learning curve, and I’m still moving up.  I sometimes hit a low point when you compare with the masters. But if you think about it, photography produced by u will not the same as others because you have a different point of view. So why compare.

People stress the “NOW” ….. I can remember my first photos. Check out my first few deviant. I leave them here because this website really documented my progress.

Feel free to ask me more about anything. Check out my website too. Georgexlin.com   .Sometimes its about presentation. Photography is a niche thing, can’t do everything well. Figure out something you like and do it well.



Attached is a photo of San Francisco. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while here. But never got to. I’ve seen photos like this, but never really the same, here’s my twist.

But please check out other ones that i’ve recently found that other people did: [LINKY]

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