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Digital Valentines Day Gift

15 Feb 2012 / 2 Comments / in Photography

To D (My Valentine):

Valentines is hard for me, because D is on the other side of the US. We have never spent valentines day together. So this year my present for her is in the form of something digital. This year, I been learning a bit about Blurred Bokeh. I wanted to create a Digital Valentines Day Gift. Creating something that comes from the hear without the reference to materialism (ie rose and chocolates)

Fairly old concepts now and I’ve seen it on youtube and other places

Check this music video out. From a pretty awesome director Ross Ching:

But taking on some of these ideas, along with the book one, which I think most of you anyone has seen, I’ve tried to combine them and make it pretty personal.

With the help of my friend Neil Legband, this photo came out pretty successful : )   Check the last photo, it should explain how i did it.





2 Responses to Digital Valentines Day Gift

  1. D says:

    PS: thanks for the va-LIN-tine


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