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2012-01-13 Long Exposure Speed Photography

I’ve been obsessing this for a while now and finally I got a chance to try it out. So I’ve always wanted to create something that looked unrealistic that had a sense of speed in it. The shoot involved mounting a tripod to my Mazda MX 5 and shooting a bunch of pictures while driving to and in San Francisco.

There was a couple of things I should point out.

1. Unless you have a fish eye, many behind the seat shots has been done before.
2. Vibration and wind. My mount was rock solid. You’d had to break something to remove the tripod. I kept the tripod under the “wind zone” . the window on the right was raised 4 inches to prevent uplift winds.
3. I used my Ep1 because of lower risk. It only cost about 279 bucks for a replacement
4. I should have shot it at faster speeds. So more pictures at intersections when i stop and need to stop at more scenic places.

5. I was dressed in Black to try to hide from the camera. The usual assumption is that there’s someone driving, for one of the shots “Take OFF” It was just dark enough in one of the photos to hide me. So it seems the car is going in automatic flight mode. I was lucky enough to shot a few images on the BAY Bridge and it looked like the lights were rising creating this lift of effect. I think its more unique than a zoom one since a lot of people had tried it before.

In post, I overlay them and strategically removed ones that I didn’t want to appear in the photo. Here are some of the composites and my setup. It worked quite nicely and I was genuinely surprised at the outcome.

Timelapse- You can figure out what type of shot you’re gonna get by checking the speedometer within each Frame:

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2 Responses to 2012-01-13 Long Exposure Speed Photography

  1. Suzanne says:

    why is the video so short?

  2. XLin says:

    no time la 🙂


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